Alien Ship

Boom! Crack! Bang! It’s 2045 and an alien ship exploded! But why? Why did it explode? Chitari 5 attacked Zarblog 8042’s spaceship, we’re doomed, we have no alien protection and all the debris is falling on us! Fortunately it’s 3 million light years away, so we have about a day to move to Mars. The problem is 20 spaceships have been taken and there are 30 left. Each spaceship holds 1 million people and I’m on one with my family and my alien buddy. 


I know what it seems like: I will survive, but this rocket needs a refuel, and these rockets take 4 hours to recharge and a different spaceship is charging currently. Our pilots register our spaceship for a charging station, but there are 3 in line. We won’t have enough time. As I said: I have an alien buddy, and he can breathe in space for up to 9 years, with the new technology created by Gordon III, I can survive in space for 1 year, meaning that I could use a launcher booster to go in space, use the ozone blaster and try to make it to the moon, then grab a spaceship to go to mars. But why don’t I just stay on the moon? There is food, but it’s frozen and tastes like sawdust. It might be hard, but I’m up for the mission. 


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast off! Launched into orbit, not going back now. 12 miles away from the next launcher to the moon. 6 hours later, we finally reached the moon. Our team reaches a spaceship and it has no battery so we need to charge it. The spaceship is charged, and we launch ourselves to mars. Once we reach mars we look back at our home, but we notice that the earth didn’t explode. My Zarblog friend tries to communicate with the captain of Zarblog 8042, and they say that they joined Chitari 5 and they exploded the ship because it had a virus. Then they moved the ship so that it didn’t fall onto earth it fell on solar system 19. 


The End


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