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My book was Shuri. This book was related to the movie Black Panther. Shuri is Black Panther’s sister.




Shuri has a gifted mind and is the smartest engineer in Wakanda. Shuri created many items, such as the Kimoyo card, Kimoyo beads, and of course the Black Panther suit. T’Challa ( AKA The Black Panther) asks Shuri to make him a new suit, Shuri agrees and asks when it needs to be ready. T’Challa says that the suit has to be ready by Challenge Day, the day where T’Challa fights for the throne against a different Wakandan. Shuri goes to look for the heart-shaped herb, to start making the Panther suit. Shuri notices that the herb is dying. If the heart-shaped herb is dying then if a Wakandan beats T’Challa on challenge day then they need to have the herb, if they are not worthy then they will perish.


 Queen Ramonda( Shuri’s Mother) is mad at Shuri for leaving the castle unguarded. Shuri asks T’Challa if she can go to try and save the herb and T’Challa agrees if he goes with K’Marah, Shuri’s friend. Shuri goes with her friend K’Marah. K’Marah is training to be a Dora Milaje. Shuri hears K’Marah is talking to a person named Henny, and Shuri tells K’Marah that she can’t talk to anyone this trip, because they can leak the information and they can get captured. Once Shuri and K’Marah reach their first destination, they notice a friend. Storm. 


Ororo (AKA Storm) helps find out what is attacking the herb. Right when Shuri, K’Marah, and Ororo leave, Shuri notices a man that can see Shuri’s Mobile Transportation Device even when it is in invisible mode. Shuri keeps the man in mind. Shuri goes to her second location and still can’t find anything. Right when they leave, someone jumps onto the transportation device.


The Dynamic Trio tries to fight off the person, when Ororo notices the person is Hunter. Hunter is Ororo’s brother. Hunter listens to the situation. Hunter quickly figures out that it isn’t what is killing the plant, it’s who.


Then and there Shuri takes the Crew back to Wakanda. Shuri takes a glance at Princess Zenda and Henny poisoning the plant. There was an epic battle between Henny and K’Marah, and Princess Zenda and Princess Shuri. With K’Marah’s experience with being a Dora Milaje, K’Marah knocks out Henny and goes to knock out Zenda. 


Shuri and K’Marah try to save the herb, but they don’t have a cure. Shuri goes to examine the poison that Zenda had and notices that it is poison added to the seeds for the herb. Shuri knows how to burn poison. Shuri and K’Marah save the herb. Time for The Challenge!


 The Connection


What is the connection between my artifacts and my book?

Well, my book’s setting is in Wakanda and their spirit animal is a Panther. So I decided to create a Panther head to represent Wakanda. The Panther head is important because if T’Challa didn’t ask Shuri to make him a Panther suit then the book would have never happened!


I created a heart-shaped herb for my artifact. Here is a quote that is related: “Whoever beats the current Panther has to eat the herb, if the herb isn’t ripe then only the chosen one can have it. If they are not worthy then they will perish” (Stone 135). This is a very important sentence because: in my book, they say that challenge day is in 3 days, and if T’Challa is beaten then whoever eats the herb will most likely die. 


One other item I created was a panther head. Here is a quote: “It’s not what is killing them. It’s who” (Stone 175). Why does this relate to the panther head? Because that means that the person killing the herb is from inside Wakanda. But still, how does it connect? Because Wakanda is represented by a Panther, whoever is hurting the herb is hurting the panther.




Heart-shaped herb:

Panther Head:





If I would change anything about this project, I would switch how often I read the book and I would take more notes in case I needed them. Also, I feel it would be smart if I made a document talking about what artifact I wanted to create throughout the book.




Overall this was a fun project and a project that took time and effort. I was happy with how my project turned out, and I hope we can have another project like this.


Wakanda Forever


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