Rocket Analysis

Hello guys! Today I am going to talk about my rocket VIDEO.


If you are reading this you might know the 4 forces of flight.

  1. Lift
  2. Drag
  3. Thrust
  4. Gravity

This is the Rocket analysis video.

My video was supposed to be about the rocket we created in the rocket analysis and the 4 forces of flight. The first question revolved around the materials I used in the pressure cap (Post-it Note). Second question was how did my rocket go through flight, my rocket was against the wind and it went 16.4 m. Third question was would I modify my rocket more? For me? I don’t think I needed any more modifications.




Our final step was reflection. Some next steps for my video is to add more information specifically about the questions. If I could change any other things I would also add the questions on top of me when I was talking about a specific question. I loved this project because it was really fun and it was a different change of pace.

The 4 forces of flight weren’t mentioned in my video, but the rocket launcher created thrust, the lift was the angle the launcher was at, Gravity was when the rocket went back down to the ground, and the drag was if the top was flat then the rocket wouldn’t go anywhere.

Thank you for reading!

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