Spy School (Part 1)

Spy School

Spy School is a full year round school and camp. Spy School is going to be a school that has Self preservation, Armory, Hacking, and Physical Education. Kids that attend Spy School get Chinese Throwing Stars, Laser guns, Sedative Darts, and Smoke Bombs. Though, when you attend Spy School There will be challenging Enemies Such as the Croatoan, SPYDER, and many More mischievous Evil organizations that will try to corrupt you to join their evil civilization. If you get Corrupted and you are part of spy school you will probably be asked for a job as a Double Agent. Double Agents in the Spy facility are very important because they gather information from their old school and use that information to destroy the entire civilization in itself. How would the school find out about Double Agents? Normally Double Agents are secret for a while until the organization notices that information has been leaked. How do I know all this? Because I am in Spy School.


Hello my name is Ben Ripley and I am one of the best spies in training at Spy School. There are many people that try to Assassinate, Frame me, and well… try to corrupt me to join their evil Organization. I am Gifted in Math, Great Self Preservation, Great aim, and OK at Cryptography. But still after all of that there is still an incredible descendant of famous Spies, her name is Erica Hale. She has a father in the CIA named Alexander, a mother in MI6 named Catherine, and a sister named Trixie. Trixie isn’t a spy but she recently found out about her family being spies. Though Erica isn’t my only friend, I have a friend named Mike Brezinski, Zoe Zibbell, Chip Schacter, and Jawa O’shea. I have one more friend, a friend who betrayed me a long time ago, but then me and him are now friends after we brought him back from corruption. His name is Murray Hill.


If you think about it, being a spy is fun (sometimes). But it normally is fun Erica, Mike, and I just got activated to investigate a person named Joshua Hallal, we don’t know what he is up to but he isn’t up to something good. 

“Hey, Ben” Mike said “What’s up?”

“Nothing much, You?” I responded

“I’m Fi-” 

“Ok, enough talk” Erica said “We need to investigate”

“Sure, Isn’t Catherine and Alexander coming?” I said

“Yeah, we’re just waiting for them.” Erica said

After we decided to hop on our jet, everyone was resting until we heard a sound I was very familiar with coming to us.

What was it? A Missile.


There are upsides and Downsides of spying. Upside: It’s Fun because your day is always full. Downside: On a regular Basis you are running for your life. Right now as I speak Alexander is sharply turning in a jet to get away from a Missile that is probably guided by Joshua. But Then an idea came to Mind: We were near a corn field so I decided to throw metal out to the cornfield. The Missile attracts the metal and the Missile defuses immediately. 

“Great Job, Ben!” Catherine said.

Have I mentioned that Catherine is the nicest person ever? Well if I haven’t then you should know she is.

“Meh.” Erica Said.

“Um… Guys, we shouldn’t celebrate yet, because the jet just ran out of gas” Alexander Said. 

Now that is a downside of being a spy.


“What do you mean it ran out of gas?” Mike said “We just filled it up with electricity to power it.”

“I think that’s the problem Mike, the missile defused when I threw the metal. I didn’t know it was powered by electricity.” I said “The electricity was drained by the missile and the metal.”

Well… Me and Erica know what to do.” Catherine Said

“What?!” Mike exclaimed

“We can use a power charger and force it into the outlet, but Mike do you know where the outlet is?” Catherine said

“Yeah, Right under the engine.” Mike said

“Ben, At what angle do we plug in the power chord?” Catherine asked

“I need to check.” I say

And then we started plummeting down to the earth.


“Deploy the parachute! Deploy the parachute!” Erica yells

“I’m trying, but it doesn’t look like there is a parachute!” Alexander replies

“Then there is one more thing to do.” Catherine says “Ben, we have to go on top of the ship. I have an emergency parachute, but someone needs to tell me where to apply it.”

“Do you mean I have to go on top of the ship?” I asked

“Unfortunately so”. Catherine replied


Climbing on top of a ship is terrifying but if I couldn’t find where to place it that would mean I would die and that Joshua won. Me and Erica know alot about Joshua because we have faced him many times.

“Over there.” I said to Catherine

“Thank you, Ben.” Catherine said

Then we filled up the jet with gas and I saw something in the engine Joshua was hoping I wouldn’t see. Murray Hill.


“Murray, what are you doing here?” I said

“Helpling you fix your engine, because MIKE here put in electricity!” Murray responded

“I knew I made the engine secure enough, but Murray jacked it!” Mike said

“Why would I go on the ship and hack into your engine so you guys could see me?” Murray said

“For a Diversion, because I just figured out you and Joshua’s plan.” I responded

“What is it then?” Murray said

“Back in Mexico when Joshua betrayed you, it was a diversion so that we would think that you were good, but you were faking it in front of us, and then again you faked it in front of the Croatoan thinking SPYDER was gone but it wasn’t, Because you and Joshua have been planning this ever since you got in Jail!” I said “and the Missile wasn’t here to destroy us, it was here for me to throw the metal for you to hack into the engine!” 

“Guilty as charged.” Murray said “but you don’t know what we really are up to.”  

“It would have been true if we didn’t pass that corn field.” I said “I don’t know why it is important but it is. I feel it. We wouldn’t have passed it otherwise.” 

“Why would we need a corn field Ben?” Murray said “You’re smarter than that.” 

“Maybe to hide an RDX there, so that once the missile was going to hit the RDX, it would explode, causing Washington’s destruction.” I responded 

“Wow, you did it again. But…  this time you are missing the main part of the scheme.” Murray grinned 

At that moment I saw how good Murray would’ve helped if he wasn’t corrupted. After that, there was no sight of Murray.


“AGHHHHHHH, why does Murray always escape when we have him where we want him?” I yell 

“Ben, it’s not that important, what is important is that-” Erica was saying

“WE CATCH MURRAY!” I interrupted “Listen Murray said he was going to create his new organization called SMASH, and when he said earlier, “you don’t know the main part of the plan” I figured out SMASH has been an evil organization for years. Search up on your phone SMASH corn field location.”

“Ah, Great job Benjamin.” Catherine said “That’s definitely where we passed. Alexander! Turn around the jet to go back to the corn field.”

“No! Don’t! We’re gonna be trapped there!” I Said “Joshua’s probably dead after falling from the Eiffel tower, but Murray pretended to make it seem like Joshua wasn’t dead so that we could go here and fall into his plan.” 

“Okay, since Joshua is dead, why would Murray want us to interfere with his Plan?” Erica said

“Isn’t it Obvious? I say “We are the ones building his plan into fruition.”


“Huh?” Mike said “ That isn’t possible. Why would he need us to put his plan to fruition?” 

“Because we used to be fugitives, so Murray will plant all the evidence points to us then we’ll all be in the slammer.” I responded

“Before you were here Mike, Murray put Ben’s clock on a bomb so that the evidence would lead up to him.” Erica Said

“Ah, But what is Murray planning?” Mike asked

“Well I’m assuming once the FBI finds out that Washington exploded, they’re eventually going to look in the cornfield and they will find our DNA on the metal.” I responded

“I never knew Murray was smart” Mike said

“I did, but the main thing is what does Murray really want?” I asked

Before someone could answer Dane Brammage and his crew had guns pointed to our heads.


If I haven’t said, Dane Brammage is the biggest person I have ever seen. But on the downside he is very hard to get rid of and has tried to kill us many times but failed which means he’s mad.

“Put your hands in the air!” Dane yells 

All of us reluctantly put our hands in the air.

“No, what? I don’t even care if you put your hands in the air you’re dead you’re all about to be dead.” Dane grinns

Catherine smiles, “That would be true if I wasn’t the person that loaded your gun with bubbles.”

“You want to test that theory?” Dane says impatiently 

Then Dane shoots his gun and it fires out bubbles.

“WHAT!?” Dane Screams “It doesn’t Matter I’ll just stab you. Your Pinned down anyways.” 

“If I didn’t make your knife dull.” Catherine says a bit Disappointed “Dane you’ve done better than this. I also have emergency parachutes and while we’ve been stalling, we got our parachutes on.” 

“NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Dane yells 

And then we all jumped out of the airplane.


For most of you when you fall down to the ground it’s scary, but for me since it’s happened a lot it’s kind of fun. Finally we safely reach the ground and start running to the cornfield to find some RDX. Then we hear screaming and we all know who it is… Alexander.

“Oh, Great.” Erica Said 

“Deploy the parachute Alexander!” Mike yells

“I’m trying!!!!!!!!!” Alexander replies

“I’m clicking on Alexander’s parachute automatic deploy.” Catherine said

“I did it!” Alexander yells

“Sure, Alexander.” I said

Once Alexander lands we finally walk to the cornfield, and we see something Murray didn’t want us to see… him dressing up as someone in the police.


To be continued…






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  1. bluelightning

    This is very good I also think this is heavily based off of the spy school series but other than that I think its is very good

  2. ethang4

    Cool story Adam.
    I couldn’t help notice that you said “Hello” with no cama. Next time maybe you could put a cama.


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