Truth and Reconciliation

Truth and Reconciliation Week


This week is truth and reconciliation week and we need to commemorate the children that were lost because of these residential schools.


Residential schools

The residential schools took all indigenous children and taught them to forget about their culture and their language. If the Nuns caught any of the students speaking their language they would be abused in many ways. Think about being taken away to go to a school to see your family once or twice a year, and losing your language, it is like losing your identity in the world. In the residential schools they treated the kids like they were less than a person, they taught them to hate who they were and to be non-aboriginal humans.

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Phyllis Webstad

Phyllis Webstad is the creator of Orange Shirt Day, and she opened out in 2013, and Orange Shirt Day was an idea that would come in the future. Let me tell you about Phyllis Webstads story. When Phyllis heard she was going to a residential school, on the first day of school her grandmother bought her an Orange shirt, but when she went in the school her shirt was taken by the nuns and she never got her shirt back. 


What does Truth and Reconciliation mean?

To Reconcile something is to repair what you did, for something horrible you did. (example: The Nuns should reconcile with the indegenous.) To have Truth in something you have to trust in people or in something, so for the indegenous that have been cycled in the residential schools have been scarred for their life, and they need to trust people and to come out about their experience in residential schools.


How to Repair the Indigenous Community?

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Are there going to be a indigenous studies?” Well no, But we can learn about the past and reconcile the indigenous community into what it was and what it should be. So instead of reading this post and being like: “okay, I read this, and now I’m thinking about it, I fixed the indigenous community!” Nope, you have to make a difference in the community and tell your friends and family how we can repair the indigenous community.


Hope you enjoyed my presentation!



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