Volcanic Eruptions

Hi, my name is Adam and today I will tell you about volcanic Eruptions.

What is a volcanic eruption?

Volcanic Eruptions are tragic events that happen rarely. When there is a volcanic eruption, I Geyser of lava explodes  out of the volcano. Volcanoes usually are usually  located in hotter areas, with the hot temperature the lava bubbles higher which causes it to erupt.

How has it affected the air, habitats, animals, and water sources?

It affected the air because heat is going in the air, and firefighters say that the heat is bad for your lunges. It affected the habitats because the air can go into the chimney and that can affected the people in the house. It affected the animals because they are outside sometimes so the air would come to the animals. It affected the water because if the volcano is near the water, so the lava can go in the water and people can die from swimming in that water. 

Effects on people due to Volcano Eruptions

Volcanoes can impact climate change. During major eruptions huge amounts of volcanic gas and ash are injected into the earth. But volcanic gases can cause global cooling, while volcanic carbon dioxide has the potential to promote global warming.

Effects of Forces on Built Environments

Usually Volcanoes are farther from buildings and houses, but the lava can distribute across villages pretty easily. Lava can destroy houses and buildings because of how hot it is. There can still be some left of a house, for example a foundation. 

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  1. eliyar

    Hi Adam
    Thank you for sharing this info on volcanos I always thought volcanos had to be a bit out of the water but I was wrong.


  2. hayes1

    I like how you described what it is

  3. hayes1

    Maybe you can explain like were volcanoes are and maybe were there the most common. but good job


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