Solar energy

Hello, Our name is Adam and Hayes and we worked On solar energy For our innovation day. Here is what me and Hayes worked on.

Why did we pick solar energy?

We thought it would be helpful to know more about the sun other than heating up the world, And the modern day families are on their electronics a lot so if we find out what produces those outlets and chargers, we can be able to produce it too. Some people out in the world have no idea what solar energy really is, So Me and Hayes can tell them what it really is.

What is solar Energy?

Solar means sun, And Solar energy means sun’s energy.  Solar Panels take energy from the Sun and they convert it into Power. They take this energy and use it to provide the house/outside with electricity and even hot water. Solar panels can even work on cloudy days when the sun isn’t very visible at all (but not as much).

What is in solar panels (AKA Solar Cells)?

Solar panels have 3 layers inside of them. 1st Silicon, 2nd P-N Junction, The last layer is made out of more Silicon.  Silicons can be manufactured in many forms including solids, liquids, semi-viscous pastes, greases, oils and rubber. One solar panel is 180 watts so if we have 24 solar panel that equals around 4,000 watts.

What are the facts of solar energy?

Did you know that DC means direct current and AC means alternating current. I bet you didn’t know that solar energy is associated with pollution. A solar furnace can produce temperatures of up to 3,630° F (2,000° C). This heat can be used to make steam. The steam can be used to make electricity in a power plant. Also Solar energy can be called Renewable Energy.

Why does the sun help renewable energy?

The sun starts everything in solar panels. The sun is a nuclear reactor that produces photons that reach the earth in enough time to survive the surface of the sun. Photon’s are electromagnetic radiation created by the sun. 

Me and Hayes have created a video.

Activities to play: Solar Blooket and Tinkercad creation.

Thank you for reading our post on solar energy.



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