The digestive System

The digestive system


Miss M. has given us a digestive system assignment. This is what I have learned about the digestive system so far.


When you eat, your digestive system puts it in your body and your organs tissues and cells turn it into liquid. You have intestines that also help you digest food, your large intestine and your small intestine.


  1. The digestive system helps you digest food.
  2. The food turns into liquid and then it poops out.


Here is a thing about what happens in your digestive system. It starts at your mouth then your esophagus then the stomach to the small intestine and finishes off at the large intestine. 
Now, do you wonder another thing about the digestive system? So in the mouth the saliva  absorbs food and sucks it down to the esophagus, that puts all the food into the stomach, it turns it into liquid, then it separates food to go to the small intestine, now you're probably wondering why it separates the food. Well it separates so the Large intestine absorbs water and salt. 

I like science because you learn new stuff in your body or maybe not!

I hope you learned something about the digestive system system today if you did leave a comment down below.


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