The Portal’s Gem

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Long long time ago there was a portal in the middle of a town full of magic,that portal was very dangerous because of one thing in the portal…The portal’s gem. They tried to get the gem to have the source of energy,unfortunately the ones who did. Did not come back. Everyone went for the gem for one reason…The mighty power. The mighty power could make the power of…Lightning,water,fire,stone. And for 150 centuries no one got the gem. 


Chapter 1

Hi,my name is Sean,and I live with my brother Lance. I am 12 years old and Lance is 7. I see people go to the gem and never come back. My parents died because of the gem my parents said they were going on a walk. But they didn’t tell me and Lance where. I saw them walking towards the gem and they died. I believe that if you die from the gem you stay in the gem. My dad told me and Lance 5 years ago that if you get the gem you get three wishes. If I got the gem and went in the portal one of my wishes would be to get my parents back but I am not risking my life on powers. My parents died the day after my dad told me about the three wishes. And me and Lance have always wished them to come back. Lance always dreams about getting the gem. I say every time we’ll go one day. Guess what I said April 24 2018. And the big thing is he right now is getting his stuff ready cause it is April 20 2018! There is a 4 day travel for the gem. He said that the power is chosen for the one,but I don’t want to die. The thing about the portal gem is there are many obstacles everyone says that there are… (oh by the way I don’t think it is a lot because most people die at the gem.)the number is 04242018. I don’t know why that is the number we’ll find out later. Oop, we’ll talk later here comes Lance. I’m ready! he said. Listen if we live what you wish for, the things I would need for my diabetes. Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you Lance has diabetes, but he handles it like a champ! Let’s go get that gem Lance! The thing no one has done, we are all different, and the chosen one will be found! We cheer that every day, cause we know no one got the gem, we all are different, and Lance has a voice! Do you remember me saying 

That Lance said the chosen one gets the gem? I said it. But why do we put that in the cheer? Cause I love my brother and he gets to have his rights.


Chapter 2

Come on,come on,come on! Lance says. I’m getting my stuff ready Lance I’ll be there in five minutes I Said back to him. The city of diamonds is full of magic, so I bring my wizard staff to the gem. I won the wizard competition so I am the best wizard in the land. Okay lance lets go. And we walk and walk and a man says to me I am the one to not let you pass he says not aloud passing. So I told him about a wizard battle called right now! We go and he uses an electro thunderbird right before he attacks. I say a legendary move that pounds a move to dust and… zap of the portal! And found out he was a zombie! I said to Lance let’s go get that gem Lance! The thing no one has done, everyone is different, the chosen one will be found! We laugh and cheer. Let’s move on Lance. I noticed about the gem there are obstacles right behind are back that we don’t know about 04242018. I plan on finding out why there are 04242018 number of obstacles. I hope that me and Lance live. I don’t want the power, I want Lance to be happy. Lance says: why are you scared about the gem Sean? Listen Lance, I know you want the gem,and the power but no one has got back from the gem alive so this is real life it isn’t just getting the gem just like that you have to be a warrior! Do you want to be a warrior then you have to prove that to me. I won’t let you down Sean! Lance says. According to my GPS we will be there on April 24 2018. We’re on the right track Sean! Do you have food? Yup, it’s all fine we are not just warriors we are mighty warriors Lance! Lance, legs getting tired? Yeah lance says. Then let’s take a break. Then we see a tiger warrior! Wizard battle! Rooooar! Says the mighty warrior. Let’s finish this off quickly, I say. Zap of the portal! Boom! The tiger warrior is gone! Wait a second, I say. Only moves are vanishing and then me and Lance here the words, tiger soul blast. I say tiger soul blast and I see a tiger and it says again. Loose of the tiger soul. I say loose of the tiger soul and the tiger turns around and roars like an incredible tiger warrior. Then I turn around and see a gem shard and I show Lance.


Chapter 3

Me and Lance gasp as if we saw our parents helping us get the gem. Then I use a spell on the shard and it starts glowing and then it levitates and we come around the first gem obstacle. We find lots more gem shards along the way so we find the obstacle all of the gem shards we found combines into a magical dragon that roars and me and Lance get moved back 10 meters! I try and remember the spell I did on the tiger but I only remember the tiger soul. So I retrace my memory and I remember the spell. Loose of the tiger soul! So I noticed instead of saying the loose of the tiger soul I say loose a diamond dragon soul. And boom we see the dragon vanish into a gem and Lance says: that it can’t be that easy then we hear the voice again it says follow the shards that is your first basic gem. Then we understand. Then Lance says that this gem should be gone because the other people would’ve got this gem. True, I say. Wait, Lance. Let’s go get that gem lance! The thing no one has done, everyone is different, the chosen one will be found! I wonder if there is a person we meet on the way and we turn around and see a person using an electro thunderbird on Lance! I use the zap of the portal and the person goes into a portal and Lance notices that I mastered the zap of the portal and me and Lance move on. Wait, the portal in the city must be a wizard move and we hear from the voice again, it says: portal shard. I say portal shard and there is a portal and a gem shard That goes in the portal and explodes and me and Lance are fascinated and we see a magical crystal I use an electro thunderbird on it and the crystal zaps a ray to the next obstacle and me and lance touch the ray of the crystal and the light goes right through our hands and we follow the light to the next obstacle. I think the next obstacle is 4 cause obstacle one in 04242018 was 0 so now it’s 4. Come on Lance let’s go get the gem! Yeah! Says Lance. And we follow the ray of light and the GPSsays we’ll be there on April 24 2018 and we’re on track! Let’s show this gem that we’re coming for it and we’re not letting it go. Wait a second, we’re about to walk off a cliff I think this is the next obstacle, Lance. Though I may have a spell, let’s run off that cliff Lance. With joy we are the first people to get the basic gem. Come on the cliff awaits us Lance.


Chapter 4

Me and Lance walk to the cliff with joy. We notice that this obstacle will be easy like pie. Lance, how will you get over the cliff? I don’t know. Wait, I have an idea I know a superhero spell, That makes you fly. Oh, we’re here. Let’s go Lance, are you ready? Yeah. Cyborg vsphere! Lance jumped right away. Oh my gosh Lance you’re levitating. Holy crap. Fly over Lance the spell can stop any second. Pow, Lance flys over like a meteor. Then I go over the cliff and say obstacle 4, obstacle 04! Lance is confused. I explained it to him and we are so happy. But then we hear the voice again and it says here is obstacle 4. Me and Lance are confused. Lance says: Sean, I thought that was obstacle 4 well I guess I was wrong Lance. That’s okay Sean, everyone makes mistakes. Sean is the best brother I could wish for. Thanks Lance. Let’s go get that gem Lance! The thing no one has done, everyone is different, the chosen one will be found! Know Lance, we are mighty warriors. Hey voice, you are getting us tricked so you want this, you’ll get it portal shard! Pow! The voice is tricking us and it is time to do this by our self

Let’s do this thing. Let’s go! We walk more and we see  another shard but this time it is a ruby. The ruby is so shiny that it looks like an atmosphere gem. Let me put it on my staff. I put it on my staff. I used a portal shard and a portal opened. Before we went in, we saw a dead end so we went into the portal. Hey Lance, you want a snack yeah he said. 5 minutes later, we took a rest. We were tired so we just ran to get our energy back and we found tally marks of 150 centuries. I told Lance that there were people searching for the gem for 150 centuries. We saw 1,500,000 people in stones for getting the gem. We saw our parents in a stone and in handwriting it said for our children to be fine. Lance started to sniffle. I said to him: it’s okay Lance it’s okay. Thanks Sean you’re an awesome brother come on Lance we can’t let this opportunity go to waste. Okay, lets get that gem Sean. You are the chosen one Lance. My GPS says: that we’ll be there on April 24 2018 in the speed were at right now OK there is no rush then Lance we are gonna do this. Obstacle 4 no more fakeouts or you’re toast with peanut butter and jelly on top.


Chapter 5

Lance and I walk towards the next obstacle in a very confident mood. I wonder what the next obstacle is. I think it is your turn for an obstacle Lance. So like geeky stuff. No, stuff you love with your heart’s power. So adventures? Maybe, I think that is too obvious. Maybe an adventure obstacle course with lasers and spikes. Yeah, I think you might be right Sean. Me and Lance walked for a bit more and we finally saw the 04 obstacle. I was right, it was an obstacle course with spikes and lasers. But there were puzzles off you stepped in, you’d fall in a hole,or rocks would fall on you. This is gonna be awesome Sean! I know every single gem code in history most people would die on this obstacle let’s do this thing! Lance be careful I yell as he passes a laser I’m fine yes he says the first gem code. He passes the first puzzle and almost pulls down a lever that would open the gate to let me in. One more puzzle lance I say. Boo he says. Lance says: that this is the most complicated gem code he ever anticipated. I got so nervous then I noticed he stepped on the wrong code. But there were no boulders there so he is gonna fall into the hole! I pass every obstacle to save Lance and right before he falls I pick up his hand and we finish the obstacle course together as the best brother team ever created.

With joy even though we didn’t have to, we pulled down the lever together and it shows a map with a gem. The gem makes us go to obstacle 042 and I put the gem on my staff and created another portal and went in it with Lance and we did our cheer. Let’s get that gem Lance the thing no one has done, everyone is different,the chosen one will be found! Lance, if I didn’t have you on the gem quest I would have been gone. And without you being a wizard we wouldn’t be here right now. You’re right Lance this wasn’t just you it was us together as a team. And do you remember mom and dad Lance? Not so much I remember when they died when I was 3 finding the portal gem. Listen Lance I need to tell you something mom and dad loved you and they still do, we got this Lance nothing to be afraid of. Let’s finish this quickly. According to my GPS we’ll be there on April 24 2018, we’re on track Sean, and the voice speaks back.


Chapter 6

The voice says believe in your heart so Me and Lance keep searching for the next obstacle and Lance says: my GPS is showing us to a cave. I tell him: it must be the next obstacle. Then it says: our next obstacle is in the fiery forest, and me and Lance studied the fiery forest and there is no cave in there. We looked where we were but all we remembered was there was a cave in the entrance of the fiery forest. We say the cave of light! That is the most dangerous cave in diamonds town. Lance tries to find a way to avoid the cave. I tell him that there were only a few people who got here and we’re gonna experience Lance. You’re right Sean, we should do this, if mom and dad knew we got here they would be so proud. So we went into the cave nervous but confident. Roar! We hear. Must be another tiger warrior ready Lance? Yeah, he says. Tiger soul blast! And we see the mighty tiger roar. Loose of the tiger soul and I tell it to chase the other tiger spell. It roars so loud me and Lance get blown back 10 meters again! The tiger chases the other tiger and we walk into the fiery forest. Lance says: that the next obstacle comes at 5:00 if we stay at this pace. We’ll stay at this pace then. Let’s go get that gem Lance! The thing no one has done, everyone is different, the chosen one will be found! That power belongs to you Lance. No, Lance interrupts. It belongs to us. If you say so Lance. I mean it, I’m not trying to be mean I’m telling the truth to you Sean. You’re right we did it together, and we will continue to do it together. Listen Lance, you want to know why I didn’t want to go. I was afraid we would die and 1,500,000 have died so there is a low chance that we will survive, so here is my question: why did you want to do this? I know there is a low chance of us surviving, but I wanted to see mom and dad. Look Lance, I know you want to see mom and dad but sometimes it isn’t a happy starting but there might be a happy ending. And you are the most fascinating boy I have ever met Lance. It’s time to let it go, mom and dad we’re my favourite people in the whole universe until you came to this world in 2011. I loved you the most. When they died I took care of you when I was your age now. Let’s move Ok? Yeah. My GPS says: we’ll be there on April 24 2018 and we’re on track!

12:30! 4 hours and 30 minutes till the next obstacle. This looks like a dark obstacle.


Chapter 7

Me and Lance walk and Lance says: it is 4:30. 30 more minutes till the next obstacle. I feel like it is a teamwork obstacle. I say. Well if its dark I bet it is like there is a lantern on the other side and there is a puzzle and then I turn on the lantern so you could come with, and then there is a wizard battle between zombie wizards and you and you beat it and then we walk out of the fiery forest. Maybe. I say. Oh, it is now 4:50 10 more minutes and at 4:59 they go to the darkest spot in a fiery forest. 5:00 they see their challenge. Obstacle 042 not so easy. I say. It was exactly what Lance said(except a lantern). There is a puzzle for him to solve (a very complicated puzzle), then I have a wizard battle with some zombies (freaky zombies), and we walk out.Lance takes a shot at the puzzle he Finnish is it no time, he pulls the lever to let me in I battle the zombies and go in with a portal shard and we instead of getting out I put the fiery forest in a portal. Boom! Me and Lance notice we are out of the forest and I pull a joke: bye bye fiery forest the gem awaits you. Lance starts laughing and so do I. We know we will at least see that gem shining through. Let’s go get that gem lance! The thing no one has done, everyone is different,the chosen one will be found. Listen Lance, we’re almost halfway! How awesome is that Lance? Pretty sweet he says. Know what I’m teaching you how to be a wizard! Really Lance says. Yes Lance, use this move called electro thunderbird. Okay. Electro thunderbird! He points the staff to the sky and lightning shots out of the staff. Holy cow! I say. Teach me zap of the portal. And the staff makes a huge portal Lance and I fell in (well almost). Lance fell in, I jumped and reached the top of the portal. I get up and pull lance up with me and we start laughing our heads off. Then we start walking towards the horizon. And check what time it was. it was 10:00! We noticed that we took so much time on the obstacle that it hurt. Me and Lance sleep together. We wake up and keep walking. Lance says: my GPS says we’ll be there on April 24 2018 where on our track Sean. And we start walking and we find a companion.


Chapter 8

The companion isn’t a person. It’s a gem. Not another raging tiger, an old owl morph marble. The morph gem makes people invisible but there was only one morph marble. So I used a multiple spell on it. Cast multiply! And we see to morph marbles in front of us and we decide to use it for the next obstacle. We passed obstacle 0, 04, 042 and we still have 5 more obstacles. 0424, 04242, 042420, 0424201, 04242018. And then finally we get to the gem. Me and Lance explore the mystical forest. This is a song I made up on the way. Come without doom. We know that there is a place that does have some clues. We’re walking in a mystical forest, there is nothing to know. We’re walking in a mystical forest, let’s have a show. Nothing to be afraid of. In a mystical forest. The sun is light, nothing to have fright. In a mystical forest. And then we moved on. Lance when is the next obstacle? And where? Well I know that it is a spy one. So I think that is why we got the morph marble. That may be right Lance. But there are many surprises we haven’t ever anticipated Lance. Lance, if there are any circumstances that one of us has to die, I’ll die. Don’t waste your life on me Lance. Okay, if you say so. It’s okay Lance you wished that gem, you get that gem. Let’s go get that gem Lance! The thing no one has done, Everyone is different, the chosen one will be found! And the chosen one is you, Lance. Oh I know what time the next obstacle is. Lance says. When? I ask. At 1:00 PM What time is it now? I ask.  6:00 AM. He says. Then let’s go and get to the next obstacle. Wait, I know where the next obstacle is. Where? I ask again. In an escape room. He says. In an escape room? I say. Yes. He says. It is probably an escape room in the forest. That has hard obstacles in there. Maybe again, you’re right. Well if it is a spy course it will be easy. Hopefully it isn’t like the cliff or the cave. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. You’re right. Maybe I am right, maybe I’m not right. Lance chuckles. Okay, okay. My GPS says: will be there on April 24 2018 and on track Sean. Maybe we will, maybe we won’t, I laugh. Yeah, yeah Lance says let’s move on.


Chapter 9


Me and Lance walk in till we finally see the escape room; it looks physically impossible. There are razor sharp daggers, that when you go under the scanning system they fall on you. And there’s a net so you can’t escape. Then if you pass that you move on to a lock that if you don’t find the code in three shots, you’re trapped in the escape room with beasts(doesn’t matter what beasts). But every other obstacle said the number obstacle and this one didn’t. So me and Lance notice this isn’t obstacle 0424, and we just try to do the escape room. We go to the scanner and before Lance almost goes under the scanner I show him a switch under the scanner. He gets the switch and notices that he is the programmer for the scanner. He figured out the programmer and turned the scanner off. We went to the lock and we noticed that it is a word lock and then we see on a fence beast rampage. I put in the lock beast rampage and the lock opens! Me and Lance walk out of the escape room. And take a   rest. We go to a Nearby tree to take a rest for like thirty minutes. And before I go to sleep I see bubbles out of Lance’s nose. I wake up Lance thirty minutes later, and he tells me we’re doing great. Let’s go get that gem Lance! The thing no one has done, everyone is different, the chosen one will be found! That was the best one by far! Well we still have 5 more obstacles to go, But we’ll get there Lance. I feel like this obstacle will be something we never anticipated. I think you’re right Lance. Me and Lance walk and walk until we find an old scroll. I pick it up and all I see is letters in bold. And I decide not to read it yet. I’ll bring it on the way Lance. Okay. He responds. Lance says: Well, the gem contains many levels. It is possible to have the gem and turn into dust, fire, lightning, earth, and water. I know that Lance. I responded again. Okay, just making sure Sean. Good Let’s move on to the next obstacle. Okay. Well I think that there are three fake obstacles at the gem I’ll look it up Sean. Oh yeah, my GPS says we’ll be there by April 24 2018. We’re on track. 


Chapter 10

 Me and Lance walk towards the next obstacle. Obstacle 0424. With the scroll. I ask Lance what the next obstacle is. He says the obstacle is with fire and taser beams.

He says he knows how to deactivate the tasers. I believe Lance and I think he knows how to deactivate the tasers.

We see the obstacle and it looks like a big safe. The other side is the key. I ask Lance to deactivate the tasers, but he tells me that these are sophisticated tasers, And he doesn’t know the formula for them. But then I notice something on every taser beam. There is a numeric code on it. And I recognise the code from the scroll and then the fire.

Looks like a Siri and then it says the final day April 24 2018 = 04242018.

This is the final obstacle. The gem.

I tell Lance and we say together. We are here to defeat the gem. And the gem blows us away from each other. So we go back and again and again until the gem gets weaker and we get stronger until the gem opens the portal. Me and Lance hug each other and the powers release out of the portal into our soul. And say we will each get one at the same time. Ready 5…4…3…2…1…go! Bring our parents back, we shout and our Mom and dad come and form. We all hug each other for 5 minutes and then walk home with no troubles. We got the mighty power Lance! We are so proud of you Sean and Lance. And we make it home.



Long long time ago there was a portal in the middle of a town full of magic,that portal was very dangerous because of one thing in the portal…The portal’s gem. They tried to get the gem to have the source of energy,unfortunately the ones who did. Did not come back. Everyone went for the gem for one reason…The mighty power. The mighty power could make the power of…Lightning,water,fire,stone. And for 150 centuries no one got the gem. Until one day brave souls defeat the Gem.


The End



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  2. bluelighning

    awesome long story WOW!

  3. Name Lastname

    Wow Adam,
    I think it’s really cool that you wrote a whole book, the only thing I would tell you is to Punctuate your dialogue and add spaces after commas. Still this is very cool and creative my favourite part is the obstacle course. I could really envision what was happening in the book.
    P.S. what was your favourite part?
    Good job!!
    Your Friend,


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