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Have you ever picked on a little kid that is the wrong idea man. Keep picking on him, karma will strike on you.

Hey will be the next word into karma’s plan,brag, gloat, be cruel, the answer is coming. Little kid don’t be sad the same thing will happen to him. 

Hello judges, parents, and friends. My name is Adam and today I will talk about karma. Karma is crazy. It has an amazing setting, here is an example. If you pick on someone, someone will pick on you.

Now, karma sometimes doesn’t happen because you do something, karma can happen naturally. And I’m not just saying that because when you hurt someone, someone hurts you.

In February and early March I had Three injuries. One was… I was skiing and I fell and I had ligament surgery,I had to get a splint,after I got the splint off thirty minutes later I slipped.And  my head was bleeding.I had to get stitches,after my stitches got off, The next day I sprained my thumb by skiing again. The funny thing is it was the same thumb I sprained and I got my ligament surgery on after that horrible mess I got my splint on again but that was the last injury.

When people are mean to me sometimes the thing can happen right away that is called instant karma. Instant karma is the most common karma. Karma is also a very common thing when you’re mean. If you think that when you’re mean nothing will come back,then you are wrong. I think that when you’re mean 10 % of the time nothing will come back.

Now karma 10 % of the time the thing you do to someone the same thing will happen to you. But the other 80 % are not getting the same thing as the other person.10 %is huge so if 10 % is huge then 80 % is an enormous amount of backfire. The other 10 % of karma is nothing. Backfire is one of the settings in karma. I told you three of them and I think that is all of them. I have experienced karma millions of times and I think you have too.

Karma has a huge infection. The infection is not what you expect. The infection is mean and is a curse of mean it is like looking in a mirror that wants you to be mean. That mirror is happy that you were mean. The mirror of mean is the infection, and the infection is the curse, and the curse is the mirror.

Karma is mostly in its plan when the person who’s mean does the mean thing. Here is an acronym of karma backward: A for a, M for mean, R for a rude person,  A for and is a, K for kid.  A mean rude person and is a kid. So if you’re the K watch out. Karma is literally always struck by the universe. The universe makes people do mean things to other people. And the people who get made by the universe get punished by parents or teachers. But karma always ends. So don’t get worried.

If you liked my speech thank you I really appreciate it and so if you think that karma is a real thing then mission accomplished. Thank you for listening to my speech about karma and just so you remember karma will strike back on you if you’re mean.


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